District of Columbia, USA


January 22, 2019

I've been thinking a lot about the division in America and I have a few thoughts that we could try.

#1 Let's stop reporting on words like they are actions: 

This doesn’t mean words aren’t important, but let’s stop acting like something someone says is the same as what th...

May 17, 2018

A few years ago, before my wife and I were married, I met her in the lobby of her office building and unknowingly embarrassed myself outside of an elevator.

As the doors began to open, the three men who were waiting, took a step back and gestured an “open palm” towards...

May 2, 2018

“I woke up on June 8th of 2017 with extreme chest pain, feeling a fear that I had never felt before. I was having a hard time formulating the words, but in my mind and spirit, I knew that something was horribly wrong. I called my fiancé on the way to the hospital and t...

April 14, 2018

I want to begin with one important point.

The world is designed to make you worry, but always have faith in yourself.

A 2018 study found that millennials and Gen-Z are facing increased anxiety related to Perfection. So many of us have a habit of primarily sharing the “...

April 1, 2018

As schools across the country celebrate Spring Break this time of year, I think back to my school breaks and recognize that social media has created a different dynamic for modern students.

My students were born into the world of social, and are all on SnapChat, or Inst...

March 21, 2018

As of this writing, there have been 18 school shootings in the first three months of 2018. The latest occurred yesterday in Maryland, a state in which many of my students have relatives, friends or family (I teach in D.C). One of my fellow teachers saw a notification o...

March 13, 2018

This time last year, I dressed up as Bruno Mars and created an educational video to help fund a Florida science trip for 13 students. To this day, the students still ask me about it, but this past weekend many of the Bruno Mars related questions I received were centere...

March 8, 2018

For a large portion of history, women have been discouraged from doing certain activities and were given the excuse that it was to “spare them”, but in reality ,many of the activities they were being “spared from” would actually work to empower them. While researching...

March 2, 2018

Each year, many schools celebrate Sadie Hawkins day. A day in which young women are encouraged to “flip the script” and ask young men out to a dance, instead of vice versa. The day seems harmless, but I was quite surprised to realize the origins of this concept. The tr...

February 26, 2018

If you read about the Hoyt v. Florida case, which was overturned by Taylor vs Louisiana, you’d realize the Hoyt case involved an all male jury, which took only 25 minutes to decide against Gwendolyn Hoyt.

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District of Columbia, USA